A Memphis, Tenn. man is behind bars after allegedly pulling a gun on the hostess of a child's birthday party after he and his children arrived late and found that the cake and ice cream were all gone.

Joseph Hayes, 48, got pretty upset when he learned his kids couldn't eat cake, so he decided to make the hostess eat lead. Hayes reportedly yelled at the host saying, "Y'all didn't save my kids no damn ice cream and cake!"

He then left the party, went back to his apartment, and returned with a small black handgun tucked in his pants.  He lifted up his shirt and told the hostess, "I ain't scared to go to jail, just take care of my kids." Huh?

The hostess then called the police and expressed that she was in fear of her life.

Police arrived and Hayes was arrested, but he insisted to police that he didn't have a gun, just an object that looked like one when tucked in his pants. o_O

Hayes was charged with aggravated assault and his bond set at $30,000.

Although he arrived late, maybe if he had RSVP'd, his children would've had cake and all of this could've been avoided.  Or maybe he should've arrived on time or at least a little earlier, I mean, I've given parties for my son before and I've attended parties given by others. When you are dealing with anything over 10 children, you kinda have a schedule that you follow religiously. So, if the schedule says 'ice cream and cake at 1 PM', you'd better believe that there will be ice cream and cake at one.

I wonder if he had a gift for the birthday kid and because there was no more cake he reneged on handing it over?

Shoot, I wonder a lot about this story but I must say, he had to really love his children to want to pop a cap in someone because they didn't get cake. I'm just saying...

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