A Calumet City, IL woman has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder after she beat and smothered her three-month-old son to death in a drunken rage on last Wednesday.

20-year-old Toyrianna Smith had taken her three-year-old daughter and the baby with her to a friends house on Wednesday night. While there, she did her hair, 'kicked' it and drank vodka.

Apparently too inebriated to make the journey back home, Smith crashed with her children in the friends guest bedroom. According to what Smith told police, the baby started crying and woke her up. She put a blanket over his head, hit him in the face three or four times and smothered him until he stopped flailing around and went quiet.

The next morning when the baby's father came to pick him up, Smith had her friend tell him she had already left. She then placed the infant in a BabyBjorn carrier and went shopping over the next several hours, after which she went to hang out with a neighbor in Harvey, IL. The neighbor called 911 after noticing the baby wasn't moving or breathing and that there was blood on the baby's blanket.

Three-month-old Ken Blackmon Jr. was pronounced dead at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, Il. at 11:40 a.m. Thursday, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office. Autopsy reports show that the cause of death was suffocation and also noted nose and mouth trauma. Reports say the baby had been dead for eight to 14 hours before pronouncement.

Smith used a doll to demonstrate for police how she struck and suffocated the infant.
She is being held on $1 million bond and a preliminary hearing has been set for July 14 in Markham, Il.

Okay, now I'm in Bitch mode...

I just want to know what is up with these people having these babies and killing them lately?
Why didn't she leave the baby with his father in the first place, especially if she was gonna get drunk? I mean, he was gonna pick up the baby the next day anyway.
What in the hell was going through her mind when she went shopping? What did she buy? Was it something for the baby?

Why did she then go to another friends house to hang out? Did she think no one would notice anything different with the infant? Most people do tend to want to hold or play with babies when they are around.

Why didn't she seek help when she realized what she had done? I mean, she did realize what she had done, she had her friend lie to the baby's father about her not being there.

This story has me baffled and pissed at the same time. I just know she's gonna try to cop an insanity plea. Whatever happens, I hope she doesn't get off easy.

What do you think readers? What should happen to Ms. Smith in this case? Do you think she is mentally unstable or do you think she knew what she was doing all along? What penalty do you think she should have to pay for this murder that she admits to? I can't wait to read your responses.

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