When Anthony Alvarez was a teacher at Everitt Middle School in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, she was his 7th grade student.  When he was promoted to assistant principal at Arvada High School in 2008, he was still seeing her.

Last week, his wife overheard him talking nasty on the phone. Instead of confronting him, she checked his Facebook page, where she discovered what she described as X-rated exchanges between the 15-year-old and her husband.

She then confronted Alvarez and made him turn himself in.

He confessed to having affairs in the past with girls who were over 18. According to him, this one wasn't his fault. The girl came onto him.

He said it began when she started showing up at his office every day enticing him by whispering sexy things to him. The girl tells a different story though.  She said he would touch her, and he also showed her his erection in school.  She said he once took her to a movie theater after school, where he had her rub his nipples, rub herself, touch and lick his junk. She said that Alvarez had been blackmailing her, but police aren't saying how or why.

He's been suspended by the school, and the cops have charged him with sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust.

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