#insaneasylumblog - I can't put my finger on how, but it seems like Facebook has somehow made zombie meat out of people's brains. Even when committing a crime, people just can't seem to stay off of it.

Police in Jackson, MS. say a man who had broken into a business last week after hours logged onto his Facebook page on one of their computers. Now, it doesn't actually say if he used Facebook Places to "check in" or if he simply logged into Facebook. Either way, the activity is documented in some fashion.

He must've thought about that very thing, because five days later, he went back to steal the computer he used.

Jason Andrew Smith is charged with two counts of burglary at a Uhaul rental service. The prosecutors told Judge Houston Patton that the Facebook page holds all the cards against Smith. After review, Judge Patton agreed that there was sufficient evidence to recommend the indictment of the 30-year-old.

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