Looking for an easy way to get money out of his dad without doing any work to earn it, 17-year-old Kevin Ashton decided to fake his own kidnapping.

While at the Chris Evert/Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis tournament in Delray Beach, FL. earlier this month, he "disappeared". Later that evening, Kevin's father got a call from his "captors" demanding $50,000.

That was on a Sunday. By that Tuesday, detectives and agents had somehow pinpointed Aston and his friend, 23-year-old Joshua Pee to a Budget Inn, also in Delray Beach.

When agents moved in, Pee ran and broke into a house trying to hide from FBI and officers. The owner of the house and her daughter ran and flagged down police who were in the area searching. A policeman cornered Pee and tasered him when he refused to lay down and surrender.

Pee denied trying to extort money from Ashton's father, but he was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and resisting arrest. Agents later discovered that Pee bought a cell phone at Walmart and made the ransom call to Ashton's parents.

Young Ashton was charged with grand theft.

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