...when Black People aren't around.

If Black People are around when you have these conversations the Diversity Keystone Kops come out of the woodwork and have your ass fired for daring to have an opinion which might bruise someone's fragile self-esteem.

Big Babies.

Anyway, there has been a recent uptick in some conservative (small 'c' intentional) and academic circles about racial issues -- and their political and economic consequences -- since the elevation of Barack Obama, Savior of the Universe, to the office of the Presidency in what was supposed to be the most racist country in human history. Much of it, admittedly, can be most unpleasant and will strike the casual reader as downright mean and vicious, if they view it any other than an academic spirit.

I can promise you, that when it comes to some of the things you might read on this subject -- things I'm putting out here just so that you can read them -- you'll be horrified if you don't approach them with an open mind. I can also promise you that 90% of White People don't even have a thought process that begins to allow them to attempt to understand many of these conversations, regardless of context; these are the people, after all, who are consumed by the questions of whether or not Steven Tyler is really boinking the female contestants on American Idol, and why hasn't Tim Tebow released his own fragrance while the marketing iron is still hot?

In other words: the majority of White People, much like the majority of ALL people in America, couldn't find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight... and at least one government program.

I will refrain from making personal commentary on each article, except to note it's origin/intent. These are simply provided to give some insight on how some Whites are beginning to view minorities these days.

Five Myths About White People by A White Guy Who is Still Flogging a 20-year-old scientific treatise that American Left-wing Elites have refused to acknowledge even exists.

Another entry in the Demography Kills category from City Journal, in which it is argued that California is on it's way to becoming Mexico -- only with higher real estate values.

An Argument that Minorities Actually Have an Easier time Getting into Medical School Than Either Whites or Asians, and that.some people are beginning to tire of Affirmative Action that they believe does little more than skew standards downwards.

A Speech by the Distinguished John Derbyshire on the future course of Left Wing Racism, currently disguised as "Progressive" politics.

A gratuitous -- but funny as all Hell -- swipe at one Woman's confusion which is currently making the internet rounds.


(Please note: I haven't the permission of the people who posted this stuff to use it here, but I figure if it's online, then it's fair game.If anyone has an issue with me posting their content, even though links have been provided, then you can blame me, and not the Insane Asylum).

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