#insaneasylumblog- A friend of mine shared a video on facebook yesterday. The video was posted on the World Star Hip Hop website, and it was of two people from Florida fighting- a transvestite and a stud. I did a little investigating and found that the video was originally posted on Youtube in August of 2010.

Apparently, prior to the beginning of the video, the stud and transvestite had gotten into an argument and the stud burned the transvestite with a cigarette in addition to hitting him/her with a bottle. Then the fight ensues. Check it out...

Now, this is just a hot ass mess. What part of Florida was this in, is what I want to know. And what in the hell is a "chirren"? The transvestite keeps screaming that, "she got muthafukken chirren" and "my mama got chirren". Is this some new found disease that affects women? Does it start in the ovaries and spread to the uterus? I'm confuzzled... Somebody help me, help me please.

And why do studs think that they can actually beat a man up? I mean hey, a dude can wear make-up, women's clothing, hairstyles and some of them look better than some chicks I know, but when push comes to shove, he's still a man. And he will kick your ass. "Chirren" or not.

Oh... Now, I get it...

Deuces, Smooches...
Nena Grace

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