When I heard about this story out of Washington state, I was reminded of the time I almost beat up some kids. I'll tell you about that later, but first, 31-year-old Yong Hyun Kim and his girlfriend were at a movie theater watching Titanic 3D when the people behind them got "out of hand".

The people were talking and laughing aloud. They even threw popcorn at the couple. According to Kim, he turned around to ask them to stop, but they laughed at him and continued. Keep that in mind for later.

In addition to throwing popcorn at them, one of the offenders started running up and down the aisle, bumping the couple with his arm as he went by. At that point Kim couldn't take any more. He turned and punched the offender - a 10-year-old kid - square in the face, knocking his tooth out and giving him a bloody nose.

The boy, who is identified as KJJ, told police that he and his friends were watching the movie and lightly talking. Kim asked them to keep it down and they complied. KJJ said when he whispered something to his friend, Kim turned around, threw a beverage, then punched him in the face.

Kim told police that he didn't know that the person he punched was a child. Hmm, where have I heard that? Oh yeah...Zimmerman. Anyway, Kim is charged with 2nd-degree assault and will be arraigned on May 31 at the Justice Center in Kent, Washington.

Okay, two things bother me about this. First, Mr. Kim turned around to ask the offenders to stop throwing popcorn, right? At that point he should have identified who he was dealing with. Not to mention, kids laugh like kids, not adults. To say he didn't know he punched a kid in the face is a bit unbelievable. Second, why is a 10-year-old and his friends in a theater watching a PG-13 movie without grownups?

I had a somewhat similar incident on this day 9 years ago while watching Bruce Almighty. It was my ex and I along with a couple of holier-than-thous from church who were also married. I must mention that the man of the holier-than-thou couple was like, 6'6'' 300lbs. So we're watching this movie, and out of the corner of my eye, I see something hitting the big guy, repeatedly. I also hear objects hitting the ground.  It turns out that these teens from the back row were throwing Skittles at him. Now, I'm sitting next to him, two rows in front of the teens. They're not hitting me, but I whispered to him, "what do you wanna do?" Without looking at me or turning around, he goes, "I'll just pray to God that they stop".  I just looked at him, because while he's praying to God about the situation, he's getting Skittled to death. And his poor wife just watched her giant husband, her nothing.

When she started crying in her seat, I jumped up and stepped over the row behind us. Now, I'm staring at the back row. I don't know who threw the candy, but mind you, I already committed since I hopped over the row behind me like an animal, breathing all hard and shit. So what did I do? I threatened the whole back row with the ol' angry Black guy routine. I told them that if I saw anything else come our way again, I was gonna kick all of their asses. I didn't have to though. I guess the prayer had kicked in by then.

Have you ever had an incident at a movie theater? *bonus* Would you ever let your child(ren) go to the movies without supervision?

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