Adidas is launching a new shoe in August and it's already generating a negative buzz. It's the JS Roundhouse Mids, and it features an orange shackle that is attached to the shoe by an orange chain.

Some say that the shoe represents the shackles that are worn by Black males who are in the penal system, and black slaves who were oppressed for hundreds of years.

Personally, I hear that argument, and I totally understand the reason for the uproar, but how do you know that this shoe isn't a tribute to My Pet Monster? Huh? How do you know that this shoe doesn't have a theft deterrent system, great for inner-city living? Are we as black people so on the edge of our seats for a fight that we jump at anything that seems intentionally hurtful? The whole "angry Black routine" is getting old. We sometimes act like a person who was badly hurt in a relationship in the past, so incredulous that the current siggy other gets the blues for it.

Look, there are two things the business world knows about Black people: we'll buy anything, and we want to be the first one to have it. Especially our newest batch of black consumers. They're the ones who think it's cool to wear an ankle tether along with their sagging pants anyway.

How can I be mad at a company who knows how to appeal to their customers? Apparently someone or some group of people thinks that this shoe is going to sell, so who the hell am I to argue with it? Hell, women wear shoes with a cuff around their ankle all the time, even with a lock and key dangling from them, and no one says anything about that. Oh, because white women wear them? Well, white men are going to wear these Adidas, and white men wear shackles when they go to jail, so please stop the madness.

The point is, this is not our fight. We live in a different world than the people who are targeted for this product. Besides, the last time I argued with fashion, I lost to skinny jeans.

I'll bet anything that when school starts, this will be the hottest shoe to sell next to the Jordans.

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