I've been saying it for years. Stop putting all your business on Facebook. You people continue to inform the masses what you're eating for dinner, what you're thinking about, what your co-worker said and what your current location is. You put your phone number out there, and continue to tell us that you're going out of town, where you are in the trip, and when you're coming home. Perfect for someone who's looking to break in your house. And since you have a map of where you live on your unsecured Facebook page...well, we'll talk about unsecured Facebook pages in a minute. The bottom line is that it's lame. And because of this very act of lameness, James Tindell of Portland, Oregon got himself caught up during a time he was supposed to be "on the lam".

In 2010, Tindell was convicted of robbery and sentenced to 70 months in prison. In lieu of the 70 months, he was offered probation and drug treatment classes. For a while, Tindell cooperated but eventually stopped going to his class and stopped reporting to his probation officer.

According to investigators who were monitoring his Facebook page, Tindell left the state with his girlfriend and landed in Alabama. He used Facebook page to take jabs at the judge who so graciously spared him, and taunted any law enforcement agency trying to find him. He told his probation officer "catch me if you can", and that he was the one who "got away". He even used his Facebook page to post sonogram pictures of his unborn child in May. That's when the investigators were able to pinpoint his location in Alabama - the sonogram pics had the name of the hospital on them.

But don't take my word for it, see for yourself on his unsecured Facebook page. Scroll on down to "older posts" and behold.

Once they had a location for Tindell, a nationwide warrant was signed by the Governor of Oregon himself, John Kitzhaber. He was eventually stopped recently in Daphne, AL. for speeding and was extradited back to Oregon. Tindell was sentenced to 30 months in prison and ordered to pay the amount it costed to extradite him.
Because of his desire to skip town, avoid his classes and probation, and because of need to put his entire life on Facebook, Mr. Tindell is going to miss the first couple of years of his child's life.

So why do people put their information out there like that?

We live in a "look at me" society. With reality shows in celebrity homes documenting every move, wannabes want the same thing. And with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, the dream of telling everyone your business as if it were your own reality show is within arms reach. With those tools, everyone can be a star - at the same time telling the government all of your business.

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