#insane - Mistie Atkinson of Napa, CA. had been separated from her 16-year-old son his whole life. So when she decided to track him down on Facebook last year, it wasn't to catch up and be a mother. The 32-year-old wanted to have sex with him.

The 16-year-old, who lived with his father at the time, began receiving naked pictures of his mom shortly after the Facebook reunion. Atkinson also sent him lewd messages including some convincing him that they should run away together.

In October of last year, the boy's relatives found out about the inappropriate contact and notified authorities. A restraining order was put in place for Atkinson, and her son was sent to Ukiah to stay with a relative until he was placed in a group home.

By February, he was sneaking out of the relative's house regularly to meet up with his mother to have sex. He even recorded a short sex tape involving his mother performing oral sex on him, among other things too hot for this article. In April, they were caught in a motel room, bringing the whole ordeal to an end...for now.

Last month, Atkinson pleaded no contest to lewd contact with a minor, oral copulation, distribution of lewd material to a minor and incest. She claimed that this wasn't a case of incest, it was "genetic attraction" - a term to describe close relatives who are attracted to each other after they meet as adults.

Atkinson was sentenced last week to four years, eight months in prison, but she could be out in two years for good behavior.

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