A man looking for recyclables in a large garbage bin in Northeast China made a shocking discovery - a newborn baby. The baby, identified as a girl, was found lying in a bag motionless. The man told police that he thought that she was a doll until he noticed the placenta and umbilical cord still attached to her.

The baby girl weighed three pounds and was estimated to have been between 32 and 34 weeks old. Her throat was cut, she was purple, and her body was stained with blood. Police believe that the mother did this because she wanted a boy, or was made to do so as punishment for having the child. Either way, the baby was the intended loser. When she makes a full recovery, she will go to an orphanage.

Infanticide is a huge problem in China because of it's one-child policy. Established in 1979, the policy was established to control the rapid-growing population and reduce the use of their scarce resources. The way that the policy is most commonly enforced, a couple is allowed one child. If the firstborn is a girl, they can have another, but that's it. If a boy wasn't produced, then that's too bad. If a couple's firstborn is a boy, congrats! It's over. You can imagine how rare it would be to see a family with two boys. It should be noted that the policy is mostly for urban areas.

According to the Chinese government, the policy has prevented more than 400 million births. Throughout the country are signs and billboards with slogans encouraging late births or none at all.

I know that babies are found in dumpers here in America, and I'm not saying that our dumpster babies are better. However, our dumpster babies aren't the result of a law that enforces the number of kids someone has. Our government never messed with our junk. Well, except for that time when our states performed involuntary sterilizations on certain patients (including Native Americansbetween 1924 and 1977.

Heh...but those days are over. Or are they?

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