They say that if a man steals food from a store to feed his family, then it is not as frowned upon as feeding the need to steal. What about stealing a car to take your pregnant girlfriend to the hospital though? I say that both are criminal acts, but 31-year-old Robert Boudreaux of Deltona felt like he did what he had to do. 

It all started when his girlfriend's car ran out of gas in the town of Deland, several miles from Deltona. A friend happened to see them, so they got dropped off inside of Deltona. The couple began walking, but after a few miles, she began to feel lightheaded. She also started to bleed - I can only imagine from where.

It was high noon and even though they had recently walked past a fire station, Boudreaux attempted to flag down cars in the Florida heat. After that didn't work, he jumped in front of a car forcing the 20-year-old driver to stop. He told the driver that he would shoot him if he didn't give them a ride.

During the trip, he wanted the driver to go through a red light. When he wouldn't, Boudreaux forced him to get out. The ex-driver then called 911. Shortly after, the police were in pursuit and followed the couple in the hospital parking lot. It was only after the police vehicles surrounded them that they stopped.

I would've handled the situation differently. OMG, like first of all, I wouldn't be riding on empty and broke with my preggers gf. Second, that friend who picked us up wouldn't be dropping us off anywhere but the gas station or the house or someone else's house. Third, that fire station would've been the end-all, but if I felt the need to jump in front of a vehicle to get them to stop, threatening them wouldn't be a part of the plan.

Now Boudreaux is facing a laundry list of charges - heh, what does that even mean? Laundry list. Although the driver never saw a gun, Boudreaux was charged with armed carjacking, driving on a suspended license, and fleeing and eluding.

The 22-year-old pregnant girlfriend was treated and streeted, and she was not charged with any crime.

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