When riding the bus, there are certain things that come with the territory. There's the homeless person who smells like urine, for starters. There's the way-too-big woman who chooses to sit next to you even though there's an empty seat with her name on it. You have the person on the cell phone who is talking too loud for no reason. And of course, there's the occasional fight in which the driver uppercuts an unruly passenger.

59-year-old Artis Hughes, driver of a Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority bus (which is strangely known as RTA) did just that when he gave 25-year-old Shi'dea Lane a brutal uppercut on September 18.

Lane, who according to her Facebook page, "has the mind of a lion and represents tha bull Taurus", brought that mentality on Hughes' bus when she tried to board without paying. Hughes drove to the next stop and advised her to pay. Lane said, "are you putting me off the bus? Is this how you treat people in Cleveland?" She eventually paid, but not without telling him that he was a bitch and that his mother was one also.

This led to an ongoing argument between the two, with Hughes driving and Lane standing there in his face. Lane fired insult after insult, telling him about himself and what she would do to him. During the argument, Hughes told her that he was going to get his granddaughter to beat her up, and of course, she said she would beat that bitch's ass. But when Hughes made a comment about how Lane looked, she grabbed him by the neck and spit in his face. After that, he stopped the bus and gave her an uppercut that Mike Tyson would've been proud of.

Here's a video of what happened. This is the short version. Lane did a LOT of cussing and fussing before it came to this point. Still, even if the situation started the way the video shows, she still spits in his face. Check it out:

Did you see that uppercut? Did you hear the impact?

Witnesses on the bus backed Hughes' report to the police, who arrived a little after 4PM. Hughes, who will not be prosecuted, originally told investigators that he would press charges against Lane. He later changed his mind and filled out a refuse to prosecute form. Although he will not face prosecution, the 22-year vet was suspended from his job when the video of the altercation went viral.

She had a chance to explain herself to Fox 8 news, where she played the victim role. The video was even edited to show Hughes seemingly punching Lane for no reason. Then she had the nerve to act like she didn't understand why it happened to her.

What makes me upset is her use of the "female" card.  

Sorry, but the "female" card is dead. Feminists have worked diligently to close the gender gap. Nowadays, women are recognized as equals to men. Women can now join all-male clubs and organizations. Women can apply for jobs that normally men would only do. Women get paid like men. Women want to open their own doors. Women want to play the men's sports. I can go on. So when you talk to a man like you're a man, and grab a man's throat and spit in his face like a man, then you don't get to play the female card.

Spitting in someone's face is the ultimate act of disrespect. Lane ran her mouth continuously, telling Hughes everything under the sun. But when he told her that her face looked like it had been sliced up, the girl in her got hurt to the core. She felt like she had to top that, and dammit she did. Unfortunately, it came with a price. A price she deserved to have paid.

Do you think Hughes was wrong in what he did? Was Lane wrong in what she did? Would you have put Lane off the bus well before it got to that melting point? If you were that bus driver, and Lane spat in your face, what would you have done?

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