If this were a Lifetime movie, it probably would be a good one. Unfortunately, this isn't a Hollywood production, and Arteisha Betts of Missouri is not an actress.

She and her boyfriend Travis are suing Midwest Maternal & Fetal Medicine Services, LLC, Signature Medical Group, and Doctors Gilbert Webb and Susan Moore for severing their baby's head, and trying to cover it up.

According to the lawsuit, at an appointment in February of 2011, Dr. Moore told the couple that their baby had an enlarged abdomen. As a result, Betts would have to deliver via Cesarean instead of vaginally. But the very next month - 28 weeks into the pregnancy, Betts went into labor. Court papers state that Dr. Webb didn't approve of delivering the baby by C-section, that he would only deliver by way of "attempted trial delivery".

When the couple requested to go to another hospital for the Cesarean, Dr. Webb didn't approve of that either. Feeling as if they had no other choice, they agreed to the vaginal delivery method officially "under duress and protest".

During the birth, the baby's head came out just fine, but the enlarged abdomen got stuck in the birth canal. That's when Dr. Webb pulled a little harder, detaching it from his tiny body.

Blood shot out from where the head used to be, right in front of the couple. Dr. Webb quickly shoved the head and bloody remains back into Betts' body and called for an emergency C-section. Before the anesthesia could set in, he was already cutting on her stomach. You can imagine the pain that caused.

Through the procedure, Dr. Webb removed the child and his head, wrapped him up in a way that it didn't look like his head hadn't been pulled off, and handed the child to Betts. They noticed that their child's head was not attached to his body and the rest is history.

The lawsuit calls for compensation for wrongful death, pain and suffering, funeral costs for baby Kedan, pregnancy costs and personal injury.

How would you feel if a doctor tried to play you like that? Would you sue? Should Dr. Webb lose his license to practice medicine?

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