When 16-year-old Samantha Pawlucy of Philadelphia got to school last Friday, she thought it was going to be another awesome dress-down day at Charles Carroll High School. But by the time the sophomore made it to her Geometry class, she realized that this was shaping up to be the worst day ever.

When the teacher noticed the pink Romney/Ryan t-shirt she was wearing, she immediately told Pawlucy to get out. No explanation. No warning. Simply "get out". When Pawlucy refused and asked why, the female teacher told her to take the shirt off and that she had another one for her. The teacher then asked Pawlucy if her parents were Republican, because wearing that shirt is equivalent to wearing a KKK shirt.

She asked Pawlucy why she would wear that Republican shirt in a democratic school.

The teacher, seemingly drunken with purpose, went into the hallway to disrupt other teachers and students within earshot by yelling for all to see the Romney/Ryan shirt.

“I was really embarrassed and shocked...I didn’t think she’d go into the hallway and scream to everyone."
When Pawlucy's parents met with the teacher, she told them that she was joking. She has since been transferred to another classroom pending an investigation.

People get so stupid when election season comes. Die-hard Republicans, die-hard Democrats, die-hard watermelons (green on the outside and red on the inside) and living room pundits alike all have their opinions. Unfortunately, they take their opinions to their jobs, their churches, the grocery store and wherever else they can pledge their allegiance. I bet that half of them really don't know what they're talking about, and most of that half don't actually vote.

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