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The Insane Asylum is made up of talented writers and broad thinkers from different walks of life. We are...

Ed "Mr. Chap" Chapman - I am the result of many years of writing, blogging, music production and singing.

My sometimes controversial and cynical views as well as my attention to unusual news and everyday issues are reflected here at the Insane Asylum Blog where I triple as Chief Warden, Editor-in-Chief and web/graphics designer.

A modern day hippie, Nena Grace is a meticulous verbal guerrilla, poetess and lyricist who would often wow her friends with the challenge, "Give me one word and I'll create a masterpiece".

Always embracing a love for scribing, Nena often writes short stories and poems and has been featured on several spoken-word shows singing hooks she's written for various artists' pieces. Although she is the lead female vocalist and co- founder of the band "FRUITION" out of Auburn, AL., she would be the first to tell you that although she loves music, writing is her refuge.

With writing styles ranging from inspirational to erotica, she is sure to capture your attention and hold you there as she verbally enlightens your soul or mentally brings your mind to multiple cranial orgasms. A native of Chicago, Nena now resides in Alabama with her two beautiful sons.

Reach her on Twitter at @DaRealNenaGrace
Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Nena1Grace

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and Matthew is living proof of that. This Staten Island Stallion's take on issues are so passionately written, people (including a media personality) have literally copied whole articles of his and tried to pass them off as their own. He has angered groups, holier-than-thous and anyone who isn't open to an opinion other than their own.

He is in a league of his own. He has always been unafraid to discuss the things that we only talk about in our living rooms...or bars. From race relations to politics to issues dealing with human sexual behavior, Matthew will make you either love him or hate him. Mostly hate him. That's why we love him.

He is the Chief-Lunatic-in-Residence at Lunaticsasylum.blogspot.com where the full brunt of his force is unleashed.

Reach him on Twitter at @excelsior502
Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/matt.noto.12

Kataurus Braswell has a unique writing style and delivery that keeps his readers coming back for more. He is the owner of blackconvo.com, a musician, a husband, a businessman and a go-getter.

Reach him on Twitter at @blackconvo
Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KingBraswell