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#insane - I firmly believe that sometimes God puts us in situations just to see what we'll do. When I was about 19 years old, Bank of America almost made me lose my mind. One day, I attempted to make a withdrawal of $40 from an ATM when I knew I didn't have that much. Don't ask why I did it, I was 19. To my surprise, it gave it to me. After that, it became a game. I wanted to see just how much money Bank of damn America would give me.

I put the card back in and requested 40 more dollars. My mindset was "maybe if I don't seem 'greedy' and ask for more than $40 at a time, they'd keep giving me money. Then I said "eff that, gimme $100". The money came out with no hesitation. Another $100. And another. And another. After that I left, because I had withdrawn the maximum for that day.

So at midnight I went to a different ATM and did it again. Money came out as easy as I requested it. Long story short, over a period of a couple of weeks, I had withdrawn nearly $5000. And I only stopped because one day, the gift that kept on giving, stopped giving. In fact, my account showed a negative figure...for the amount I had withdrawn.

The same thing happened to Ronald Page of Detroit, but the difference between Mr. Chap and Mr. Page is that Mr. Page isn't a dumb teenager who was just doing something for kicks and giggles. In fact, Page is a retired GM worker who one day wanted to let it ride at one of the casinos.

After gambling and losing, Page went to the ATM to withdraw some money. Knowing that he only had a few hundred in his account, he did what I did (on a larger scale), and was allowed to get whatever amount he put in. After losing that, he went to the window to withdraw more money from his account. The same thing happened. $10,000, $20,000, $50,000. No matter how much he wanted off that card, they gave it to him, racks at a time. Is that what the kids are saying now? Racks? It used to be "G's", then it was "stacks", then "bands". I can't keep up anymore. I'm just trying to help you understand what's happened.

When the smoke cleared after 15 days of bliss, Page had withdrawn and lost $312,000 at Greektown Casino, over $100,000 at MGM Casino, and $514,000 at Motor City Casino - my personal favorite. Apparently it was his favorite also.

Now Page is going before a federal judge who has to decide whether to give him probation, community service or prison time. Prosecutors recommend 15 months in prison, saying that Page merely had a "lapse of judgment" and the bank was to blame for allowing the situation to happen. Wow. Really? 

What's more amazing than the amount of money he was able to withdraw, is the unbelievable amount of bad luck he had. He spent $1.5 million spent at the casino, and won $0. Advantage: House.

This goes way beyond overdraft protection. This was a flat-out bank error. Have you ever been in a situation like ours? What would you do if you ever found yourself able to withdraw whatever you wanted? Would you take out a "manageable" amount of money knowing that you're going to have to pay it back?


#insane - When police were called to an apartment complex in Munnsville, NY., they found a naked Pamela McCarthy who couldn't be controlled.

Two teenage boys who saw the entire incident say the 35-year-old initially fell down the flight of stairs that leads to their second-story apartment with her 3-year-old son rolling underneath her. She grabbed him up and dragged him across the parking near where the two boys were playing basketball.

She looked at one of the boys and came toward him, and he ran home to tell his dad. She then went back to her bleeding son, sat down, wrapped her legs around him and choked him while laughing and spinning around on the ground. That's when a neighbor yelled at McCarthy to leave the child alone.

She picked her son up and threw him a few feet away onto the ground again. Leaving the 3-year-old on the ground bleeding, she ran into that neighbor's upstairs apartment across the parking lot and attacked her for yelling. After being forced out, McCarthy came down and took all off her clothes off.

During the time McCarthy was attacking the neighbor in her apartment, McCarthy's boyfriend (the kid's dad) finally intervened. He had been out there the whole time screaming his girlfriend's name, but he was apparently too afraid to actually do something. He finally picked the child up and ran to a nearby store. McCarthy followed them into the road but eventually came back.

She tried to go up the stairs leading to her apartment, but she fell on her face. She got up and crawled on all fours to the top. She went inside, grabbed her pit bull, then threw herself and the dog down the stairs. That's when she got up and began choking the dog. By this time, a state trooped had arrived on the scene, and he asked her to get off of the dog. After she didn't respond, he pepper-sprayed her. After she didn't seem affected by the spray, he put a knee on her back and tried to pry her arms off the dog's neck to handcuff her. She didn't budge, so he warned her several times to let go or he would hit her with the juice.

After being tasered, he and paramedics were finally able to get her into handcuffs. EMTs strapped her down, but she went into cardiac arrest shortly after. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where she eventually died.

A guy who heard about the situation on a scanner, rushed over to tell the troopers that McCarthy had open-heart surgery two days prior.


Although there was no proof, witnesses believed she was high on bath salts because of her behavior.

Personally, based on the information given, I believe that the officer did everything by the book for a situation of this caliber, and should not be reprimanded. Do you think the officer should get in trouble for what happened, or was his actions justified? Remember, he didn't know about her heart surgery and she was like, choking a dog and eating pepper spray like Binaca.


#insane - The state of Oregon calls this one of the biggest cases of tax fraud ever. 25-year-old Krystle Marie Reyes of Salem, Oregon used TurboTax to file her taxes for 2011. She reported a $3 million income with the service, and managed to get away with receiving a return of $2.1 million from the state.

The Daily Mail reported that Reyes was issued a Visa debit card with the entire amount on it and was able to spend $200,000 of the money, even buying a car.

It was only when Reyes lost her debit card and reported it stolen when she was caught by the Oregon Revenue Department.

What's funny is that the state of Oregon earlier this year - in the name of saving money - kicked a software program designed to catch fraudulent tax claims. It would've paid off in this situation.

Krystle Marie Reyes is one of the many people in our country who take advantage of the government. Money makes people do desperate things and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm glad she got caught. Especially since something like this or a bag of money falling out of the back of an armored car would never happen to me. hmph...

Reyes is being charged with aggravated theft and internet crime, and is supposed to be back in court in July.


@zak_bagans of TV's #GhostAdventures said it best: The Zombie Apocalypse has begun. A Miami man was found eating another man's face, and he wouldn't stop until he was shot and killed.

Witness, Larry Vega who initially saw the two men fighting said he flagged down an officer at around 2 PM Saturday afternoon. The responding officer observed the attacker (who was naked) covered in blood and literally eating on the victim's face, tearing pieces of flesh away. The officer gave several commands ordering the unidentified man to stop. When he didn't, the officer shot him once. When he continued eating the man's face, the officer shot him again. And again. And again. According to other witnesses, the officer shot the man approximately seven times until he was lifeless on top of his victim.

Surveillance video from the parking garage of nearby Miami Herald newspaper captured the entire incident, but it has been since confiscated. The revolution will not be televised...at least not yet.

Police are running with the theory that the attacker may have suffered from what is known as "cocaine psychosis", a sensation that makes the user believe he or she is overheating and causes them to take off their clothes. Apparently the police forgot to mention the part where it makes you eat people's face off and it takes seven bullets to get you stop.

According to the Herald, the victim was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital/Ryder Trauma Center where he suffered critical injuries.


#insaneasylumblog - A Kangaroo store in Florida recently had to be shut down temporarily after a woman dumped used condoms on the checkout counter.

The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office say the incident began when a 23-year-old woman came in the door cussing at the woman behind the counter and asking about her private life.

Witnesses say the woman seemed upset about being sexually involved with a guy who was also involved with the clerk. When the clerk refused to answer the woman's questions about her involvement with the guy, the woman dumped a bag of used condoms onto the counter.

Surveillance cameras then show the woman pulling her shorts down and lifting up her shirt fully exposing herself to the clerk. The woman left the store but came back shortly to hit the clerk with a used condom that apparently didn't make it to the counter the first time around.

The store had to close for a short while so the counter could be thoroughly cleaned.

Can you imagine this scene playing out in front of you? This chick comes in and starts asking the clerk about who she sleeps with. Then she goes on about how she's with him too, and proceeds to dumps their used condoms on the counter in front of her. Then chick shows her boobs and vagina just to let Ms. Clerk know that she'll never have a body like hers. And just when you think it's over, chick comes back in just to slap the clerk one time with one more used condom.  Holy cow...only in Florida.